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Nowadays, the development speed of all walks of life is abundant and fast. Many companies are using some better machinery and equipment. Some equipment has just come out, so many manufacturers do not know how to use it. Polyurethane foaming machines are used in many industries, and how to operate the polyurethane foaming machine may not be familiar to everyone. For enterprise employees, it is necessary to fully grasp the use of equipment. Because this is related to the company's production and the safe use of equipment. So, how to use polyurethane foaming machine in general? The following is the common sense of using polyurethane foaming machine.

1. Add materials to the barrel of the polyurethane foaming machine. Don't add the wrong materials. Look at the AB material clearly;

2. Start the industrial chiller, set the required temperature, and control the material temperature to a suitable position;

3. Close the feed valve, start the nitrogen cylinder pressure valve to inflate and pressurize, and open the compressed air valve to reach a specific pressure.

4. Start the special main gate of the polyurethane foaming machine and the power knob on the left side of the instrument panel. When the "POWERSUPPLY" indicator appears and the green light is on, restart the oil pressure system. When it is stable, press the low pressure cycle button to start the low pressure cycle.

5. Start the high-pressure cycle to exchange heat between the black and white material circulation in the tank and the circulating water in the industrial chiller, so that the temperature of the black and white material reaches the set temperature requirement.

6. Set the injection time on the dashboard, and perform injection according to the corresponding requirements on the gun head.

7. After the polyurethane foaming machine is produced, close the nitrogen cylinder valve and compressed air inlet valve, and then stop the internal circulation of the foaming machine. Reset the left power button and pull down the main switch to turn off the power.

What I am introducing to you is some basic knowledge, and there is still a lot of knowledge about polyurethane foaming machines. If you want to use it better, you can check the relevant information online. For some small businesses, the price of polyurethane foaming machine is somewhat expensive.

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How to maintain daily?

Because now we cannot lack mechanical equipment in our lives. Why do we say that? Because the times are advancing, the development of many of our industries is very impressive, and the development of many industries is inseparable from machinery and equipment, so many machinery and equipment are constantly being updated. Its technical implications are also slowly improving. There are many machines in our lives, and polyurethane foaming machine is one of them. So let us take a look at how to maintain the polyurethane foaming machine. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

For the maintenance of the polyurethane foaming machine, butter should be used for maintenance. It is also necessary to observe the cleanliness of the butter. If it is dirty, it should be treated immediately. otherwise. Wind and sand will cause serious damage to the equipment. It must be turned on for a period of time before being used for the first time or when it is not used for a long time. Judging from the operating proficiency and sound of the polyurethane foaming machine, whether the polyurethane foaming machine has any problems, The problem should be repaired immediately, and the boot operation cannot be forced. Moreover, the vibration of the foaming machine cannot be ignored. The power unit of the foaming machine will generate certain vibrations when it is working.

This vibration will have a destructive effect on the already formed foam. At the same time, excessive vibration will cause damage to the instrument installed on the machine. So when installing the foaming machine. Try to use anchor screws. Will be fixed on the ground when the screws are loose. Tighten in time. If it is a mobile foaming machine, it is necessary to install a stable foot when in use. Raise the moving wheels to stabilize the foot, and try to make the foaming machine have good stability, so as to produce better products.

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The above is a brief introduction to the polyurethane foaming machine, everyone should have some simple understanding from our introduction, so friends, if you want to have more exchanges about the polyurethane foaming machine with our manufacturers If you are, you can contact us, I believe we will have a pleasant conversation, and some of our products are of very good quality, and we welcome everyone to come to our polyurethane foaming machine manufacturer to learn about the products.