CNMC-E3 Polyurethane Sprayer Exported to UK
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CNMC-E3 Polyurethane Sprayer Exported to UK

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On July 15, CNMC-E3 polyurethane spraying machine produced by Winter Machinery was loaded in Winter Industrial Park and will be exported to Russia soon.CNMC-E3 polyurethane spraying machine is widely used in industrial maintenance, tunnels, subways, waterproofing of road base, foam film and television props production, pipeline anticorrosion, waterproofing of roofs, waterproofing of basements, abrasion-resistant lining, and thermal insulation of external walls.


CNMC-E3 polyurethane sprayer parameters

Product name CNMC-E3 polyurethane spraying machine

Power supply 110V/220V/380V

Heating power 7.5KW

Driving mode Pneumatic

Chemical output 2-12kg / min

Maximum working pressure 11MPa

A, B chemical output ratio 1∶1

Maximum hose support 90m

Machine size 750x540×1120mm

Machine weight 139kg