Battery maintenance method of electric sprayer
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Battery maintenance method of electric sprayer

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Normal maintenance is also very important. Under normal circumstances, the electric sprayer should be charged immediately after use. Some people forget to charge it in time after using it. Use and maintenance are also very important, he determines the service life of the electric sprayer.

Maintenance of the electric sprayer during the slack period is also urgent. Under normal circumstances, one or two months to charge and discharge, you must first put water in the electric sprayer and let it work until it runs out of electricity, and then recharge. The battery life is longer.

After the electric sprayer is used, it is better to use clean water to remove the essential liquid remaining in the pump, and the medicine barrel needs to be cleaned in time, especially in the slack season, it is better to remove the pump motor and clean it with oil before putting it Some butter to prevent the motor from rusting and not working properly next year.