Automatic sprayer cleaning program
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Automatic sprayer cleaning program

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Generally, farmers have their own sprayers in their homes, and the sprayers should be cleaned immediately after spraying the medicine. If they are not cleaned, the medicine will be mixed next time and cause unnecessary damage to the plants. Today, the editor introduces the correct cleaning method of automatic sprayer to everyone

1. After the work is completed, discard the remaining vaccine in a container specially containing dangerous goods for disposal, and clean the vaccine bottle.

2. Add 700ml of distilled or deionized water to the vaccine bottle, turn on the bottom switch repeatedly, and rinse thoroughly for 3 minutes.

3. Remove the 7ml spray device.

4. Rinse the plexiglass cover thoroughly with warm soapy water, and dry the sprayer with a towel, especially the plexiglass cover.

5. In a bowl of proprietary warm soapy water, disassemble the suction and output ends of the check valve, and use a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) to scrub the parts of the check valve.

6. Reassemble the sprayer first, add an appropriate amount of alcohol to the vaccine bottle, and after repeated spraying several times, leave the alcohol in the sprayer.

7. Soak the nozzle with vinegar at least twice a month, and then wash it with water to remove rust.

8. Do not rinse the plexiglass cover directly with water.