Analysis on the construction technology and basic treatment of polyurethane rigid foam
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Analysis on the construction technology and basic treatment of polyurethane rigid foam

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Polyurethane rigid foam is a material with a large amount of flexible deformation. It has strong resistance to external deformation. It is not prone to cracks under the action of external force, temperature deformation, dry and wet deformation, etc., effectively ensuring the stability and durability of the system.

T40 rigid foam polyurethane spraying machine

Polyurethane rigid foam construction tank body insulation spraying

When the attached main structure undergoes normal deformation, such as shrinkage, expansion, etc., the on-site molded polyurethane rigid foam insulation system is flexible and gradually changes layer by layer, and the stress is released layer by layer, so there will be no cracks or detachment. It can withstand the most severe local climate and its changes.

Whether it is high temperature or severe cold, it will not cause irreversible damage or deformation of the insulation system. The temperature of the outer surface of the external wall changes drastically up to 50 degrees. For example, a shower suddenly falls after a long period of exposure, or the shade is shaded after the exposure. When a temperature difference similar to the above occurs, the surface of the external wall will not be damaged.

Construction grassroots treatment

(1) Remove the base layer grease, floating ash, dust, and base layer protrusions and other debris, if there are high and low stubbles, and the flatness of the base layer cannot meet the requirements, mortar should be used for leveling. Check that the slope of the base layer should meet the design requirements, the riser should be fixed and firm without shaking, and the parapet wall and other parts should meet the design requirements. Waterproof construction of roof detail polyurethane coating film

(2) For the protruding parts such as roof drains and roof pipes, polyurethane waterproof coating should be used for waterproof treatment. The coating should be stirred evenly before construction and the thickness should be uniform.

Construction The construction process can be divided into three paintings:

The amount of brushing in one pass should be 0.8~1.0㎏/㎡. After one layer of coating is cured, apply the second layer of polyurethane waterproof coating. The two brushing directions should be perpendicular to each other, and the amount of brushing for the third layer should be 0.3~0.5. ㎏/㎡ is appropriate. When the coating film is completely cured, a concealed acceptance should be carried out, and a closed water test of no less than 24h should be done. After the concealed acceptance is qualified, the rigid foam polyurethane insulation and waterproof construction can be carried out.

Convenient construction. The construction of the polyurethane rigid foam insulation project on site is a mechanized operation, with fast construction speed and high efficiency, which is unmatched by other insulation operations. Polyurethane construction has a strong adaptability to the shape of the building, especially for the insulation of the complex parts of the building structure.