Advantages of polyurea spraying machine equipment
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Advantages of polyurea spraying machine equipment

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(1) It does not contain a catalyst, and the curing speed is very fast. It can be sprayed on any kind of curved, inclined and vertical outermost layer without sagging, and it solidifies within 5 seconds. The glue can reach walking strength within 1 minute;

(2) It is not very sensitive to humidity and humidity, and will not be affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment during the construction process;

(3) Two-component, 100% non-volatile content, which is beneficial to the environment; 1 ratio 1 spraying or pouring injection volume ratio to meet the specific requirements of the thickness of a structure, and overcome the previous multilayer structure Part of the shortcomings;

(4) The coating formed because of this has excellent physical machine performance and good thermal stability, can be used for a long time under 150℃, and can withstand short-term heat exchange shock at 350℃;

(5) Various colors and fillers can be added to make products of different colors. The formula system can be adjusted arbitrarily, the hand feeling ranges from soft rubber to hard elastic material objects, and chopped glass fibers can be introduced to enhance the material;

(6) The use of a full set of spraying equipment is more convenient and efficient in comparison with those constructions.