Advantages of electric electrostatic sprayer
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Advantages of electric electrostatic sprayer

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1. High efficacy The charged droplets of the electrostatic sprayer have an outflank effect on the target under the action of a strong electric field. The utilization rate of pesticides can usually reach more than 90%, and the efficacy is high.

2. Fast and long-lasting electrostatic oil agent has an affinity for the body wall (wax layer) of pests, and it is easy to penetrate the body wall and enter the body of the pests, which shows rapid poisoning; in addition, it also delays the hydrolysis and lightening of pesticides. The process of decomposing and oxidative degradation prolongs the efficacy of the drug.

3. High work efficiency The electrostatic spray width of the knapsack motorized sprayer is 6 meters, and the walking is fast, the work efficiency is relatively high, usually 2 minutes.