Advantages and disadvantages of sprayers
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Advantages and disadvantages of sprayers

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1. Hand-operated sprayer

This kind of sprayer is the most primitive knapsack sprayer. It used to be the most widely used sprayer, but now it is gradually withdrawing from the market. Its advantage lies in its low price and easy purchase of repair parts. Disadvantages are obvious: 1. Low work efficiency, high labor intensity, and not suitable for large-area operations. 2. The liquid medicine is easy to leak and drip out, which is not environmentally friendly, and the operator is prone to poisoning.

2. High-pressure automatic sprayer

The advantages of high-pressure automatic sprayer are: 1. High working efficiency, equivalent to 3-4 times of hand sprayer. 2. The atomization strength is large, and the direct spraying distance is long, reaching 7-11 meters. 3. The maintenance rate of this kind of sprayer is lower in the knapsack sprayer. The disadvantage is that the preparation work is troublesome, and it takes 2-3 minutes to press the medicine into the sprayer before use.

Three, electric sprayer

The electric sprayer is similar to the high-pressure automatic sprayer, but also has higher working efficiency, high atomization intensity, and can adapt to large-area operations. The disadvantage is that the maintenance cost is high, and the water pump is not easy to repair; the length of continuous operation is limited by the battery capacity.

Four, motorized sprayer

This kind of sprayer has better working efficiency and atomization effect among the above four kinds of sprayers. However, its price is high, and the cost of use is also high. Each barrel of potion requires a few cents to a dollar for oil. Because it is a mechanical sprayer, it is self-heavy, noisy, and the machine temperature is high, so it is not convenient for the operator to use. In addition, the motorized sprayer needs to be repaired by professionals, and the maintenance cost is high.