5L ultra-low volume sprayer Product introduction
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5L ultra-low volume sprayer Product introduction

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5L ultra-low volume sprayer Product introduction:

Ultra-low-volume sprayer (electric ultra-micro atomizer) is a new type of multi-purpose spray disinfection device. It adopts double cyclone airflow atomizing nozzle and medicine box to form spraying parts, and electric centrifugal fan and machine base form the power part, which is composed of ripples. The hose is formed by connecting the spraying part and the power part together.


  1. The unique hose nozzle design, the angle can be arbitrarily swing, instant switching, efficient and convenient.

  2, high-power motor, high-speed aerosol.

  3, the labor intensity is small, the application efficiency is high, and the medicine is saved.

  4. Swirl spray mode, no nozzle clogging.

   5. Equipped with a liquid medicine check device, which effectively prevents the liquid medicine from flowing back in the shutdown state

   Application range:

The ultra-low-volume sprayer (electric ultra-micro atomizer), whose parts are made of corrosion-resistant engineering plastics, has high atomization efficiency, good performance, concentrated particle spectrum, and can be sprayed with disinfectant and insecticide agents with good oxidizing properties (such as Peracetic acid, etc.). Especially suitable for health and epidemic prevention departments (such as hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, disinfection stations), tourist hotels, kindergartens, schools, government canteens, food processing places, various breeding farms (such as animal breeding houses), stations, docks, warehouses, and airplanes Disinfection, sterilization, insecticide, deodorization, humidification, etc. of indoor conditions such as ships, vehicles, and rooms.