3 tips for choosing a polyurethane foaming machine
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3 tips for choosing a polyurethane foaming machine

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At present, polyurethane foaming machines are widely used, which has also led to the continuous development of foaming machines in the industry. Nowadays, there are many types of polyurethane equipment on the market, but the price and quality of each polyurethane foaming machine manufacturer are different.

The main part is the combined head of the foaming machine:

Its working principle is to pass two kinds of reaction materials of different components through the small piston rod, analyze the working conditions and failure modes of the small piston rod in the inlet joint head, and summarize the comprehensive performance of the small piston rod, because This confirms its material, heat treatment and structure, and comparatively prolongs the service life of the imported combined head and creates significant economic benefits.

So do you know which part of the specific characteristics of the polyurethane foaming machine and how to choose the foaming machine used in the polyurethane construction? Share with you today:

1. Understand the type of foaming machine: different types of foaming machines have different methods of introducing gas. Knowing these will also have a deeper understanding of the technical characteristics and performance of the foaming machine.

2. Technical parameters of the foaming machine: To understand the output, installed capacity, equipment size, etc. of the foaming machine, it is also one of the basis for choosing a foaming machine.

3. The foaming quality of the foaming machine: The quality of the foam determines the performance of this machine, which is also an important point to judge the quality of the foaming machine.

How to design and research continuous polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine?

1. Design a set of advanced high-pressure foaming machine equipment, including the overall structure, storage device, heating device, cleaning device, etc.

2. The selected application is first combined technology to solve part of the contradiction between combined quality and working time.

3. The selected application professional software analyzes the popularity of materials and adjusts the correct mixing speed.

4. Analyze common defects and shortcomings from the principle of foaming and multiple foaming experiments.

5. Solve the problems of poor quality, high cost and complex structure of the current high-pressure foaming machine foaming.

In summary, it is very important to design a set of advanced continuous polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine production line, so that the foaming quality is good, the residue is less, and the work is more reliable. With the rapid development of the polyurethane foaming industry, the test for continuous foaming machines is becoming more and more stringent. Manufacturers must design and develop reasonable solutions to solve the foaming problem, so that the quality and effect of the foaming are relatively good, and the foaming machine is promoted. The industry develops steadily.