Polyurea Two Component Bedliner Chemicals
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Polyurea Two Component Bedliner Chemicals

Mainly for wear-resisting polyurea spray ,it is two component half-rigid polyurea
  • CNMC-951
  • Hightop-CNMC

CNMC-951 Polyurea  Two Component Bedliner Polyurea Chemicals  

It is high reactive and rapid curing and able to be sprayed forming on any bending surfaces. The coating film is dense tough and flexible, with high adhesive strength with substrate and excellent properties of impact resistance, anti-collision, wear resistance and slip resistance, stable anticorrosion performance endured acid, alkali, salt and other solvents. It performs well in high temperature variation and anti-aging and bears the alternative impact in wind, rain, frost and snow conditions.


Adhesive strength (concrete base)                   12.3Mpa

Tear strength                                    76kN/m

Tensile strength                                  18.3Mpa

Elongation                                      330%

Temperature variation                             -40------+120℃

Wear resistance  700g/500r)                     4.3mg

Acid resistance (10%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 30d)           no rust no bubbles no peel

Alkali resistance 10%NaOH, 30d                     no rust no bubbles no peel

Salt resistance 30g/L, 30d                           no rust no bubbles no peel

Salt spray resistance 2000h                          no rust no bubbles no peel

Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d                  no rust no bubbles no peel


Data of performance

Color                        Multiple colors as customers’ need

Luster                        glazed

Density                       1.02g/cm3

Volume solid content            99%±1%

VOC                         0

Recommended dry film thickness   1000-2500μm

Theoretical coverage             2.04kg/sqm (calculated by the above solids percentage and dry film thickness of 2000 microns)

Practical coverage                Allow appropriate loss rate

Dry time                       5-20s

Overcoating interval              min: 1h, max: 24h

Overcoating method           Special polyurea equipment spray (imported or local support)

Flash point                      200℃

truck bed liner polyurea

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