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Warm in Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, Hitop Group has prepared holiday gifts for every employee.On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, in order to express the HIGHTOP Group’s care for every employee and thank all employees for their hard work, on the afternoon of September 17, Shandong
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Notice about the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2021
All staff:According to the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company, the following arrangements are made for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2021:1. From September 19th (Sunday) to September 21st (Tuesday), there will be a three-day holiday;September 18th (Saturday).2.
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What are the benefits of electrostatic sprayers
The electrostatic sprayer is a new type of plant protection and disinfection equipment using modern electronic technology. Because it has a series of advantages such as medicine saving, water saving, labor saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and excellent killing effect.
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How is the effect of the electrostatic sprayer?
1. Good insecticidal effect, spraying on the top of the crop, both the front and back leaves and hidden parts are treated with medicine;2. Save pesticides, generally more than 50~70% of pesticides can be saved;3. High efficiency, 3~10 mu of pesticide can be applied per hour;4. Energy-saving, the pow
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Definition of electrostatic sprayer
The effect of electrostatic spraying is realized by electrostatic spraying equipment. So, what kind of spraying equipment can be called an electrostatic sprayer? From the actual situation, there are many kinds of spray equipment, such as knapsack sprayer, boom sprayer, trolley sprayer, vehicle-mount
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