CNMC-E20 Polyurea Spray Machine
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CNMC-E20 Polyurea Spray Machine

Each feature in the CNMC-E20 electrci type polyurethane foaming/polyurea spray machine was strategically designed to help your business, with innovations that help your operation run smoothly.
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CNMC-E20 Polyurea Spray Machine 

Technical specifications

Power source: 230v 3 phase ,400v 3 phase ,50/60HZ

Whole power:10KW

Heater power:3kw each side

Heating hose power:1000w/15meters

Driven mode:Electric 

Air source:0.5-0.8MPa≥0.1m³

Chemical output:2-12kg/min

Maximum output pressure:20MPa

A and B chemical output ratio:1:1

Max hose support :120meters 

Machine size :730*653*1150mm

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CNMC- E20 gives you:

Ergonomic design - easier to service

Advanced control modules

Better spraying performance compared to traditional air and hydraulic spray machine 

Troubleshooting made quick 

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Advanced control technology

  • Better control - manage your spray foam or polyurea business wherever you are

    Better fleet and crew management

  • Better cost containment and forecasting

Three-year warranty

  • Covers user display module, control modules and electric motor

  • One of the best in the industry

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