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Precautions for the use and maintenance of disinfection sprayers
消毒目的和意义:传染病消毒是用物理或化学方法消灭停留在不同的传播媒介物上的病原体,藉以切断传播途径,阻止和控制传染的发生。 消毒喷雾器的使用常用的喷雾器种类有:手提式、背负式、车载式、机动式等。本篇主要介绍背负式和机动式喷雾器的使用和维护保养。 背负式喷雾器的使用: 1.安装:按照使用说明书将各部分装合,安装时注意各部分的安装位置。塑料喷雾器各连接部位不要旋得过紧,以免破裂。 2.试喷:在液桶内加少量清水,打气到一定压力试喷,检查各连接处是否漏气、漏水,喷雾是否正常。 3.装样液:将配好的样液过滤后倒入桶内,样液不能超过标准线,以保持桶内有一定的空间储存压缩气体。
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How to adjust the water pressure of an electric sprayer
The electric sprayer is composed of a liquid storage tank connected through a filter screen, a connecting head, a suction device (small electric pump), a connecting pipe, a nozzle, and a nozzle in turn. The suction is a small electric pump, which is connected to the battery through a wire and a swit
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Automatic sprayer cleaning program
Generally, farmers have their own sprayers in their homes, and the sprayers should be cleaned immediately after spraying the medicine. If they are not cleaned, the medicine will be mixed next time and cause unnecessary damage to the plants. Today, the editor introduces the correct cleaning method of
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What does it mean for a polyurethane sprayer to be quantitatively scheduled?
Timing refers to the specified time, quantitative refers to the number of specifications, the fixed quantitative polyurethane spraying machine sprays the specified amount of polyurethane within the specified time, and the program control of the pouring equipment is very accurate, continuous and rapi
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Talking about the development history of sprayers
No need of oil, no noise, with your back behind, pressing the switch, a huge fan of liquid medicine sprayed towards the target. Now, the fourth generation sprayer and stretcher sprayer.In the collective era of the last century, farmers planted a single field. The last crop of wheat or rapeseed, and
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