What should I do if the electric sprayer cannot be charged?
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What should I do if the electric sprayer cannot be charged?

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We all know that the electric sprayer needs to be charged. If it cannot be charged, it cannot be used normally. There are two reasons for this situation. One is that the internal wire connection of the charger jack is damaged; the other is because of moisture or The short circuit causes the battery to be discharged or damaged.

The way to check the charger damage is:

Try charging with another good charger. If it can be charged normally, the original charger is damaged;

Use the original charger to charge another good sprayer. If it cannot be charged, the original charger is damaged.

The way to check the connection of the wires inside the charger jack is damaged:

Visually check whether there is debris in the jack;

Check whether the connection of each connecting wire of the socket is tight, and whether there are signs of severe oxidation or copper rust;

Use a multimeter to check the output voltage of the charger. If the voltage output is OV, the charger is damaged; if the output voltage is 12.3-14V, the charger is normal.

The method to check the battery is discharged or damaged is:

Directly use a multimeter to check that the battery voltage is between 10-13V or use a 12V bulb connected to the battery. The light is not bright or the brightness is very small, indicating that the battery is lacking.



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