What is polyurethane black and white material? What are the features?
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What is polyurethane black and white material? What are the features?

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PU rigid foam composite polyether is one of the main raw materials of polyurethane insulation materials. PU rigid foam composite polyether is also called white material, together with polymer MDI, it is called black and white material. Black and white materials are suitable for building heat preservation, cold preservation, solar energy, water heaters, cold storage, constant temperature storage, beer cans, refrigeration and other occasions that need to be cold and warm.

Rigid polyurethane foam has: 1. Unique thermal insulation performance, energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection;

2. Light weight, reduce load; have excellent waterproof performance, heat preservation and waterproof, all in one;

3. Simple design, high efficiency, fast progress, good quality and long life;

4. Fluorine-free foaming, adapt to a wide environment;

Black and white materials can be used in refrigerated trucks, storage tanks, pipelines, cold storage, beer fermentation tanks, fresh-keeping barrels for thermal insulation and cold preservation, thermal insulation and waterproofing of residential buildings, and prefabricated polyurethane panels, tube shells, curved panels, etc. The composite polyether uses HCFC-141b foaming agent and does not use CFC-11, which basically does not cause damage to the ozone layer. The global warming coefficient value is very small, and the foaming parameters can be adjusted according to the use environment.



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