What is a cold fog machine?
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What is a cold fog machine?

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The cold fog machine was once called the normal temperature fog machine, which is relatively speaking with the hot fog machine. It uses high-pressure air generated by an air compressor to form a high-speed rotating airflow through a pneumatic atomizing nozzle. The liquid medicine is formed into tiny droplets at room temperature, and then the low-pressure large airflow generated by the axial flow fan is blown into the closed space, gradually filling and filling the entire space, playing the role of insecticide and sterilization. Japan first successfully developed this type of cold fog machine in the middle and late 1970s.

The domestic 3YC-50 cold fog machine is designed and developed by the Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is especially suitable for medium-sized greenhouses and greenhouses. The continuous-span large plastic greenhouses can be sprayed in sections. 3YC-50 cold fog machine is composed of power locomotive, spraying parts, lifting frame and so on. The large motor drives the air compressor to generate compressed air (with a pressure of 1.5~2 MPa), which enters the nozzle vortex chamber through the air pipe, generates a high-speed rotating air flow from the nozzle and forms a partial vacuum, and passes the medicine tank liquid through the infusion The tube is sucked into the nozzle, the air and the liquid medicine are mixed at high speed and atomized into mist droplets with an average diameter of about 20 microns, which are ejected from the nozzle. At this time, the small motor drives the axial fan to generate a low-pressure large airflow, which sends out the mist stream along the axial direction, spreads it in the vertical direction, and blows it to a distance until it fills the entire greenhouse space.



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