What are the functions of electrostatic sprayers
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What are the functions of electrostatic sprayers

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The mist sprayed by the electrostatic sprayer is electrostatically charged. The sprayed medicinal liquid mist is small, the coverage density is high, the landing is uniform, and the adsorption is extremely strong. Not only the front of the target but also the back and the hidden parts can be received. What general sprayers at home and abroad cannot do. At the same time, the droplets are fine and the adsorption force is strong, and the liquid medicine is basically adsorbed on the target under breeze, so the insecticidal and disinfection effects are good. In addition, after the liquid medicine is absorbed, it is not easy to be washed away by rain, and it is not easy to evaporate in the sun. It can greatly extend the validity period and reduce the number of sprays, so it can reduce pesticides by 50% to 70%. In addition, it can be basically pollution-free to the earth and water sources. What needs to be reminded is that the manufacturers of using this multifunctional electrostatic sprayer only need to spray on the top of the crops, and at the same time, they must change the traditional spraying habits. Do not spray pesticides to the extent of dripping or dripping, and do not spray the nozzle repeatedly on the top and bottom of the crop. In order to avoid damage to the crops, due to the high efficacy of the pesticide, the amount of pesticide applied per unit area can be greatly reduced, so the walking speed of the operator can be accelerated, and the work efficiency can be greatly improved. For example, spraying pesticides can spray 3-10 mu of land for various crops in 1 hour , Due to the high efficacy of the drug, the amount of application is reduced, and the corresponding water consumption is also greatly reduced. Because of the reduction in the amount of water used for the medicine, the supporting power is small and the energy consumption is small.

It uses electrostatic technology to make every small droplet sprayed by the sprayer be charged with static electricity, so that it can absorb the surface of the object more comprehensively in 360 degrees, even the concealed and difficult-to-reach surface. The disinfection effect of this sprayer is sure It is much more effective than traditional spraying methods.



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