Uses and characteristics of small size polyurethane foaming machine
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Uses and characteristics of small size polyurethane foaming machine

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Smaller size urethane foaming machine is a device for infusion and foaming of polyurethane foam and plastic. As long as the performance indicators of the polyurethane component raw materials (isocyanate component and polyether polyol component) meet the requirements of the formula. Passing through this equipment can produce uniform and qualified foam products. It is made of polyether polyol and polyisocyanate in the presence of a variety of chemical additives such as blowing agent, catalyst, emulsifier, etc., through chemical reaction to foam and prepare foam and plastic.

Polyurethane foaming machine

1. Purpose

Used in the production of rigid, semi-rigid or soft polyurethane products, refrigerators (English: Refrigerator) freezers, automobile, motorcycle seat cushions, instrument panels, insulation pipes, building materials sandwich panels, furniture, etc.

2. Features

High and low voltage cycle switching device, switch between working and non-working

The combined device, the selected application L-type high-pressure self-cleaning combined head, the nozzle diameter is adjustable, and the high pressure forms a mist to be uniformly combined.

The metering is accurate, the selected high-precision metering device ensures that the metering accuracy is ≤1%, and the metering pump is selected to use a magnetic connection, which will never leak, and has a service life of 1 million times.

Electrical control, the selected application is a 10-inch touch screen, PLC module control, temperature, pressure and pouring flow rate, 20 recipes are stored, and the degree of automation is high.



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