The principle and function of polyurethane foaming machine
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The principle and function of polyurethane foaming machine

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Polyurethane foaming machine is the black material (isocyanate, also called crude MDI) and white material (combined polyether) are fully mixed according to a certain ratio (the conventional ratio is 1:1) Combine the output, the two raw materials after the output react chemically, start to expand and foam, and finally A foam foam with uniform and closed cell holes is formed. 


According to the spraying state of the raw material from the nozzle of the polyurethane foaming machine, it is classified into spraying patterns and pouring patterns;


Examples of spraying patterns

Examples of pouring patterns

Examples of pouring patterns

Spray polyurethane foam machine use:

Insulation and waterproofing of building exterior walls and roofs-integration, cold storage, grain storage, chemical plant storage tanks and pipes, etc.

Use of infusion polyurethane foaming machine:

Solar water heater barrel, insulated water tank, stainless steel water tank, car portable refrigerator, beer barrel, anti-theft door, cabinet, plate, on-site foam packaging, aluminum profile cavity, etc. 



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