How to carry out disinfection for daily classification of domestic garbage?
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How to carry out disinfection for daily classification of domestic garbage?

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With the pace of the construction of green and civilized cities, more and more people pay attention to the treatment and disinfection of domestic waste.

1. Methods of garbage disposal, especially methods of sorting and reusing garbage, have also appeared one after another, and have gradually entered the ranks of factories. Among the many methods of domestic garbage disposal, most of them do not involve the problem of garbage disinfection.

2. Since domestic waste, especially the stacked domestic waste, generally breeds a large number of pathogenic bacteria and has a heavy odor, it is easy to cause serious pollution to the treatment workshop, causing illness, and seriously affecting the operating workers. The body is healthy; in addition, the products obtained from the recycling of garbage are more or less likely to contain germs and smell, which will still cause certain pollution to the environment and the air.

3. Provide a disinfection method for domestic garbage disposal. In the process of domestic garbage disposal, the garbage is disinfected. The ultra-low-volume sprayer is used for spray disinfection. The liquid suspension time is long and it is easy to implement. It is disinfected by the electric ultra-low-volume sprayer. The domestic garbage no longer has germs and is odorless, and will not cause pollution to the garbage treatment workshop, which is beneficial to ensure that the body of the operator is not damaged. At the same time, there are no germs and odors in the recycled products used in garbage disposal, and will not cause re-pollution to the living environment.

Everyone does the garbage sorting, and the disinfection treatment is done in advance to make the living environment better.



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