CNMC-12L ULV Disinfectant Cold Fogger
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CNMC-12L ULV Disinfectant Cold Fogger

12L ULV Disinfectant Cold Fogger spray all chemicals, such as insecticides, pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, odor neutralizers, used for pest control, farm disinfection, air disinfection, eliminate virus etc.
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CNMC-12L ULV Disinfectant Cold Fogger

Super stronger flexible hose made in China 

Super stronger motor made in China 

Durable structure design competent for long time spray, remain keep stable reliable quality.

Equipped with a flexible hose with a directing handle on the nozzle lets you spray into hard to reach areas such as between kitchen cabinets, under carpets, above ceilings, and into ducts.

Equipped with an infinitely adjustable flow regulator can get required flow rate and fog droplet size.


Hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, families, etc. Disinfect public places such as hospitals, schools, theaters, etc. Insect sterilization of cars, trains, ships, aircraft, warehouse greenhouses, greenhouses, livestock farms, etc.



Model: Electric sprayer

Voltage: AC 110V/220V

Power: 1400W

Cord length: 3M

Tank capacity: 12L

Fog: 0-30 microns

Spraying distance: 8m-12m

Rated output: 470mL / min

Weight: 4.5kg

Size: 39x20x43cm

Electric ULV Fogger -2


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